Can masturbation cause problems

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Can Masturbation Affect Periods?

Masturbation will not interpose with periods or getting pregnant. You might comprehend all sorts of sick personalty approximately — that it can crusade diseases, impede your growth, cause cognition problems, lead to blindness, or stoppage a person from having children. onanism is often reasoned a closed-door topic and some grouping may feel discomfited to conversation around it.

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Frequent urination due to over masturbation? - Interstitial Cystitis - MedHelp

I am a 24yrs old phallic and have been masturbating on avg 4 times since last 7-8 old age . I started having frequent excreting problem since last November. I would make anywhere from 10-15 clip a day and this would get worse when i would try to sleep .

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Can too much masturbation cause problems

That is comparable asking, "if I wait too long to go to the station, mental faculty I miss the train? "Too much" of anythin, by definition, can cause many benevolent of problem. In the instance of masturbation, you could rub yourself raw; you could deplete so more than time at it that you neglect your work or time period obligations; you could damage your relationships with family and friends because you are spending so a lot time alone.

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