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VOA & VVA interview by Mozes ( 21 09 2009
Today we present you a very special interview. It’s the interview with Ad Inferna ‘bout their upcoming album Trance:N:dance! This interview was “live” (via msn).

Mozes: so...hi
VVA: Hello
VoA: Hey

Mozes: Good, so.. You two are the main members of Ad Inferna?
VoA: Yep! Me on guitars / keyboards / electronics and VVA at main vocals

Mozes: Do you have any other projects before AD? Or do you have also currently running some side projects?
VVA: Actually, we're only in Ad Inferna ‘cause this band has to stay a priority for us. But we were on different bands before. I was singing in a french black metal band called Seth.
VoA: And about myself, I ran into Kin and Vindiris Chimeras along with De Profundis before Ad Inferna

Mozes: Yes, you mentioned these bands on your MySpace profil... Well, so it's not your first band, did you know how Ad inferna will develop in its style or did your music style came up after some tries?
VVA: We’re creating the music we like and we put in each words & songs ourselves. That's why our style of music is changing on each album.
VoA: Yep, and about the evolution... we have begun Ad Inferna into the black metal scene, but we have always included some electronics stuffs, and that's naturally 7 years after than we have really find our way with our actual style. A real combination of power, energy and ... overdrive (thanx soman)
VVA: Musical barriers no longer exist for us: we do only what we want.

Mozes: so... your next album will be Trance:N: Dance.. do have, like some other artists, any special "story" the album takes you through or should every song be listened for itself?
VVA: Trance:N: dance is the story of our life ! The main subject is the suffering we have in ourselves and that is linked to various failures in love. Songs like Suicide Girl or Redemption are good exemples.
VoA: Yes, and that's why we have decided to introduce the album by the Visage's cover titled "Fade to Grey"... It's as well the meaning of our name by the way. Ad Inferna is a kind of "fade to grey" on other words. And "TranceNdance" shows it aspect all songs long.

Mozes: Well... I wanted to ask if you could describe this by some examples, since most of our readers are from Austria/Germany and so on, so I think some of them will have a problem with understanding your lyrics. So, what’s the thing about Suicide Girl?
VVA: It's about being destroyed forever by lies, treason and carries with it an undying hatred that leads to death.

Mozes: Sounds very poetic
VVA: Yes, poetic and terribly tragic. Ad Inferna reflects our dark side.
VoA: You know, when we compose a song, we are always very close, as VVA writes all lyrics and concept. Then, at the very beginning, we have a concept, a kind of image which will draw the album perfectly. Then, I compose all the music following those images. Afterward, the lyrics and the vocals come to adorn and finish the songs... it's a kind of perpetual circle...
VVA: In "Redemption" is a request to pardon the beloved after too many mistakes ... redemption so difficult to give

Mozes: Ah, ok, but, am I wrong, or are there also other band members? In which way are they involved in this circle of creating music?
VoA: No you're right, there is VNA who is a big part of the band, as he performs the drums when we did recorded its for TranceNdance, and he takes care about the composition as well. The other members are just "guests".
VVA: The composition of music and text is the alchemy between VoA and me: the other members are present for records only and for the lives soon.

Mozes: So "just" for live gigs and so on?
VoA: They don't create anything in Ad Inferna, except the adornments and the final touches, like Asphodel with her vocals. VNA gives his opinions and helps us to find some directions when we are blocked. He is also the drummer and he is very important for us. And about gigs, yes, VNA will perform gigs with Ad Inferna of course, and I think he is a bit excited by this idea by the way!

Mozes: Ah cool, so the main core of AD inferna is VoA and you completed by VNA
VVA: Exactly
VoA: Yep!

Mozes: Ok good
VoA: Ok thanx bybye ahah (joke)
VVA: lol

Mozes: lol... Ok well you said he is excited... so you haven't played any gigs in the past with him?
VVA: For my part, I've never played live with Ad Inferna.
VoA: yes, we have played some gigs with him, but not for TranceNdance, and this album, even if it doesn't sound like, is very "drum rich" and very difficult to play on drums, because it's quite "dancefloor" and those kind of rythms are not so easy to perform! The last Ad Inferna's gigs were in 2000!

Mozes: Ok, that’s too long ago, you definetly have to play soon! So VVA, since when are you part of AD inferna?
VVA: I left Seth in 2001 to join Ad Inferna.

Mozes: Ah, so VoA, you founded AD, and VVA joined after some time?
VVA: VoA contact me to ask me if I want to sing on "l'Empire des Sens".
VoA: Yep! I founded Ad over 1998, VVA joins us in 2001, but before his coming, Ad Inferna wasn't Ad Inferna. I don't dare to speak about ex members...
VVA: It's was clear for me that I've to join Ad Inferna!!!

Mozes: Well, let’s forget the past and talk ‘bout the future... do you plan some gigs in Austria? Or: in which countries will you be playing in the next time?
VoA: Following the demands we have! If we asked us to play in a great big festival like WGT or something like that, we will be present!
VVA: We'll think about it seriously. Perhaps some festival for "transcendence" and a tour for the album after

Mozes: Ah ok, so one of your goals is the WGT?
VoA: One of our goal is moreover to release some good stuffs actually, but yes, it's a kind of purpose indeed, as TranceNdance is a dancer catalyst, and we would really like to see a million people dancing behind us!! (Girls moreover eheh)

Mozes: Of course
VVA: Yeah That's Ad Inferna Spirit!!!

Mozes: Ok, so we now know: AD's core is formed by the two of you, your style is indefinable and you want to see people (moreover girls) shaking... but somewhere you have to get the inspiration or?
VVA: Yes, I think that groups like Colony 5, Frozen Plasma had to influence us a bit but it's always difficult to answer this question. It is rather for you to tell us

Mozes: Yeah... maybe I asked it wrong... sorry... its not like "how do you want to sound like?" ... more the "where do you get the idea to sound how you sound?"
VoA: Let’s say that we are all some deep fans of bands like Depeche Mode or Pink Floyds of course. Nowadays, personnaly I am very opened in musical styles, and even if I prefer some bands between others, I can't really cite a band... If I had to cite a song, actually it should be "Amnesia" of Mind in a Box! But it's not a right inspiration, maybe a kind of thought for my own music!
VVA: It's the music that we're listening for years that is synthesized and which is reflected in our songs. For my part, in words, only our feelings guide me to write.
The best for us is to have the chance to work with band like Soman, Combichrist, Reaper, Beborn Betorn ‘cause we really like their job!

Mozes: They also did a remix on your album
VoA: Yes, indeed, they are a kind of inspiration, not for their pure music, but for their work and finishing arts and yes, they are all contributing to TranceNdance!
VVA: Good musicians and.... really nice guys too!!! That's so important for us

Mozes: So, you keep the contact to other countries and their bands as well... cool
VVA: Yes, we're in contact with Vasi (Frozen Plasma) and Kolja (Soman). They'll work on our next productions

Mozes: Cool, what are your next productions? The next album or some live tracks?
VVA: The first one will probably be an EP with all the "Trance : N : dance" songs remixed by ourselves on KLUB version ... we've planned to released it on march or april 2010 ..... and our next album for september or october 2010. All is recorded !!!! Just take the time to get the best production I can tell you that we'll try to burn the dance floors!!!

Mozes: Uh, that’s a fine promise...I'll remind you
VVA: Yes and Kolja (Soman) will do the mastering of the EP & Vasi (Frozen P.) is mixing, mastering & the producer of our next album.
VoA: Plus some guests remixing some songs on the next EP

Mozes: Well, I wish you all the best for your future projects^^
VoA: thanx Mozes
VVA: Thanks a lot for your support... we need it

Mozes: you're welcome! Of course, my favourite question: what do you want to tell our readers as a "good bye" for this time?
VVA: I hope all the boyz and girlz who'll listen to Ad Inferna will dance on it !!! That’s the goal of our job
VoA: I would like to tell everybody: "PLEASE LISTEN TO OUR TRACKS well, too many peoples has negative thoughts about us following our past and our previous album which has more "metal". We have evolved, that's why we are back in the scene, and that's why we do collaborate with some great talented bands actually, so let yourself judge our music by a real listenning session, and not over dirty people". Thanx a million Mozes, you're welcome for everything on Ad Inferna.

Interview by Mozes

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