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VOA & VVA interview online at 10 09 2009
Take the time to go here : to read our interview and to visit their website !!!!

So who are Ad Inferna?

Voa: Ad Inferna is born in 1996, after a thousand mistakes in line-up, musical directions and label troubles, we did finally released “L’Empire des Sens” in 2002, first at Last Episode, and then in Silverdust. We have made a big break since we didn’t composed anything from 2003 to 2008, we were fed up by the musical atmosphere and we have been very disappointed by the financial behaviors, the political aspects which were flying on the dark wave. We decided to work once again with Ad Inferna in 2008, then we have composed an EP, called Metamorphose, available only on the web, and afterward, Trance:N:dance, that is available in pre-order from today!

VVA : We simply are friends who like to transform feelings into music and words.

How did you come up with the band name?

VoA: from our thoughts, we are always thinking that life is a combination between high and low. When you reach the high level, be sure that you will reach the lower point quickly after then.

VVA: yes, I think we’re positive people but life inexorably seems to lead us in depths: that’s why this is a good name for us ;-)

How do your personal lives influence your music and how does your music influence your personal lives?

VoA: Since Ad Inferna is the soundtrack of my life, I could say that our lives is just a big movie, and someone has decided that some persons in that world will make music to adorn the scenes of each human. That’s why music can be so personal sometimes.

VVA : I sometimes live, die, love, hate, scream or cry in this virtual but so real world. Ad Inferna changed my life cause we’re the actor of this fantastic and terrible movie… What a schizophrenic life ;-)

Many bands attribute an artist as an influence in their musical creativity. Who has helped mold you into the artist you are today?

VoA: Hard question. We have played a lot of different styles before, and we are born with a “black-metal” title over our name although we have always follow our own way, mixing many kinds of musical styles. Then, cite an artist as influence is quite complicated… Maybe some guys like Vasi Vallis has helped a lot in quality of “sound model and power efficiency” and some others bands we like but not a particular band… Anyway for me!!!

VVA: I think bands like Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, Depeche Mode & Pink Floyd have made what I’m today from a musical point of view… but when I’m writing lyrics and singing, I forget all this things and let the dark or sad part of myself goes : I concentrate myself only on the musical feelings.

Your releasing your new album "Trance:N:Dance" in September, are people excited to hear the new record after so long?

VoA: I guess so, and I hope so far!

VVA : We’ve received a lot of requests to make this second album after all the years. At the very beginning, our public was surprised of the tones that we use nowadays. But they have very well reacted and that’s great! I think, the best feedback we have now is the positive response of the Djs all over the word!! We hope "Trance:N:Dance" will please to all those who are waiting for it ;-)

How will Trance:N:Dance differ from your debut "L’Empire des Sens"?

VoA: if you keep in mind the musical direction, of course, it’s a quite different album from “L’Empire des Sens”, even if some kind of passages will bring you 8 years in the past. It was a debut album, and we have made a lot of mistakes. I think Trance:N:Dance is a real concrete and leads album where we have played and composed any things we want to make, from dancefloor to harsh, from black metal to EBM… We came back with those words in mind: “nothing to lose, so make everything you want!”.

VVA : "L’Empire des Sens" is a Dark Metal album I like a lot : the difference between both is that we’ve evolved… and the music we want to play now is not the same. We want to be honest with ourselves and with those who love our music: that’s why we put in every songs a part of us. Each album we’ve done are different and the one who is going to succeed “Trance:N:Dance” is gonna be very special and unique too ! A perpetual musical evolution ;-)

What is the meaning behind the title "Trance:N:Dance"?

VVA : I wanted to give a signification as this album at the same time mystical and spellbinding. That the notion of dance and energy is also observable directly in its pronunciation. To come back in trance by listening and dancing on our album to attain the upper level of spirituality? What a happiness for us to see it in a club filled with 1000 persons! ;-)

You are not keen on being type cast into one specific genre, why is this?

VVA : when Orias & me are working on a new production it’s not because we’ve to do this… it’s only because we feel it inside of us. Most of the time, it’s for the difficult periods when our inspiration comes. We can’t create anything when we’re happy ;-)
When you want to put your troubles, your suffering in music, it is difficult to us to station in the single type.
A track full of hatred will be able to turn to a style more EBM or Metal and a hopelessly sad song will more require to the synth-pop or the gothic genre. We want to be free and do what we want!!! No style, no genre… only ourselves ;-)

Your based in France and your label is Italian, how did this happen?

VoA: if I well remember, we never signed with a French label so far, don’t really know the reason why, maybe our music is better felt on other countries haha! More seriously, Aural Music was very reactive with us, and we did want to close the signature fact very quickly. It’s a rising label, they have a lot of bands and a lot of possibilities, and again, they have been very rapid to give us their feedback. We didn’t want to wait too long without any record company, that’s why we have chosen to make them confidence.

Do you feel it's important for the music to speak for itself?

VVA : Absolutely ! I think that we succeeded in putting in each of our melodies and texts of feelings, instants of our lives, part of love & sex & hate & death also and it’s a happiness for us when all that is understood without that explanations: I think that it is the dream of every artist to be completely understood in the simple listening of its music!
Hope to find one day somebody who knows me only by having read and heard Ad ;-)

Is it important for your to have a certain presence in your music?

VVA : It’s one of the most important thing for us… to exist through our music. We do not make that to compose songs: we go much more further than that. I do not know if it suffers as long as it does but every note, every word is scooped out from our soul. That’s why Ad Inferna has so much importance: because Ad Inferna is not a simple passion, it is simply us.

Do you feel it's important to have a feeling or an emotion behind your music?

VVA : So important! Sometimes, I like to compare our musical world with that of a movie soundtrack… Because it’s the soundtrack of our own lives. To miss all feelings that we’re injecting into our songs would be sad : that’s the goal all of our work !

How do you find the right balance within your musical elements, such as electronics and guitars?

VoA: I composed all the tracks with a keyboard, I don’t compose with only guitar anymore. So, after a lot of listening, we judge if we add guitars or not. Many bands do the contrary I guess, but it’s not my way to compose afterward. I don’t know if it’s the right balance, a lot of persons (moreover our ex fans) will find that we don’t have put enough metal elements, and some other ones will tell us that guitars are too much presents over the album… It’s so difficult to make everything happy since this is not our main purpose, otherwise you become crazy I think…

VVA: I like a lot this way of thinking. The most important thing is not our ego or our arrogance: this is the music and that we like it finally. If it’s necessary to forget guitar or vocal parts, we will do that !

Are you guys going to be doing a tour to support "Trance:N:Dance"?

VoA: It’s a probability, even if it’s not in our imminent projects so far… but yes, probably!

VVA : perhaps some festivals and dates for "Trance:N:Dance"… we’re thinking to go on tour with the next album ;-)

Do you prefer touring or being in the studio?

VoA: Since I still don’t really know what is touring… studio… we don’t have toured so much with Ad Inferna, even at our debuts when we have only performed something like 20 dates.

Any last words for our readers?

VoA: Thank you so much for your kind support, Trance:N:Dance is available in pre order here:

VVA : thanks a lot for all, Acid and Cyberangels ;-) Hope you’ll like our job and support our band. You can contact us on our myspace : & don’t forget, we’re playing “Sexual Music for Sexual Mass” !!!

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